Taken 8/21/2004

8th (Back) Row: Don Coppage, Don Elder, Dan Diffenderfer.

7th Row. Unknown, Nancy Simms, Maggie Moore, Mike Howard, Taffy Wendt, John Barksdale, Joe Arbuckle, Bob Holdridge

6th Row: Mike Stroud, Janet Tennant (Class of ’65), Mick Snapp, Linda Hetzer, Fred Drake, Bob Schmidt, Bill Early, John Harritt, Jim Steiert

5th Row: Bill Johnson, Rob Bradley, Tom Roberts, Jennet (Mitchell) White (Class of 65), Liz Howland, Penny Peden, Kathy Lampe, Rita Dickinson, Dennis Graham, Alice McKeever, Mimi Simmons, Jim Dawson, Stephanie Reed, Linda Brekke

4th Row: Paul Treide, Fritz Hansmann, Ila Harrington, Barbara Howard, Judy Waldo, Kristin Gamble, Judy Ferarese, Lu Rossie, Barbara DeCamp, Becky Edwards, Lynn Fisher

3rd Row: Joe Bailey, Roberta Rutledge, Erma Martinez, Mary Ann Houy, Susan Hills, Barbara Lewis, Nancy Hazelwood, Rondi Smith, Janice Gardner, Sue Hunt, Cherri Riffel, Fawn Squires, Karen Fisher

2nd Row: Kim Bailey (daughter of Joe Bailey and Sue Lanser), Sue Lanser, Katie Eldridge, Carolyn Dort, Vivian White, Toby Bradbury, Craig Ramey, Jo Grabowski, Nancy Jennings, Nancy Louthan, Teri Waldner, Bonnie Smith

1st (Front) Row: Dave White, Ron Plunkett, Chris McNay, Bruce Klimoski, Denny Fria

Folks left to choose from (attended reunion but not listed/identified above): Lois Brown, Nancy O’Rourke. Is one of these one of the girls not looking toward camera in the 7th Row?

Attendees not shown: Trent Thornton – Thanks Trent for a GREAT picture!

Hey, we did our best. Please don’t be offended if
we missed you – or didn’t use your married name or something.